Broken Air Conditioning Slowing Down Your Employees?

The Texas heat can be distracting in the summer, especially when it’s happening in your office. Overheated employees can’t be productive and customers don’t want to shop in a too-hot store. Don’t ignore the warning signs with your commercial air conditioning equipment.

Contact Centex Mechanical Air & Heat if your commercial property experiences:

  • Excessive or unusual noise during startup or operation.
  • A system that blows warm air.
  • Fans that aren’t operating.
  • Water that pools up around the air conditioner.
  • An air conditioning unit that does not turn on.
Cooling Deep In The Heat of TexasCooling Deep In The Heat of Texas

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We also fix problems relating to:

  • Frozen evaporator coils, and clogged condensation drain.
  • Faulty wiring, cutting off power to the unit.
  • Worn out fan belts.
  • Refrigerant leaks – which are both bad for the environment and for your system’s efficiency.

Our highly trained and certified technicians are here for you. Our team will help keep your employees’ productivity high, and your commercial property’s temperatures low. Call us today.

Our Success Stories

“Thank you, you have an exceptional crew who were very courteous and efficient. I want to commend them for how quickly they were able to complete their task and how nice the work areas looked when they were through. They also took the time to answer all questions our employees had and conducted their selves in a very professional manner. Thank you again for helping to resolve the heating and cooling issue so quickly.”

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